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Gradient Ombre Nails Art Design With Sponge

How to do gradient ombre nails art design using sponge with two or more colors. How to do nails stylish and colorful is the most ask questions now a days. Lets start with tie diy.

Gradient Ombre Nails Art Design With Sponge

To do the amazing nail art design do the following steps

Step # 1

Use a bright white nail polish and apply at least two coats. I used Sally Hanson hard as nails (extreme wear) in 300 white on. The color that i used in this tutorial reminds or my homemade crayon candles.

Gradient Ombre Nails Art Design With Sponge

Step # 2-3

Apply Vaseline all around your nails! I know this step sounds odd but it will save you time and frustration later. Make sure to wipe off any excess Vaseline that may have got on your actual nail.

A good tip is to apply using a Qtip for more control.

Step # 4-5

Use a cosmetics sponge and apply your nail polish colors in overlapping lines. Make sure to use polish with good pigment. (Go bold or go home!)

Also there is no need to drench the sponge in nail polish a few generous swipes of each color should do.

Step # 6

Roll the sponge over your nail applying an even amount of pressure.

DIY Gradient Ombre Nails Art Design With Sponge (Two Or More Colors)I bet you’re wondering… Why on EARTH did this girl have me smear Vaseline all over my finger tips?!

So here it is!

Step # 7-8

Wipe off the excess polish around your nail! If you got a little crazy with the polish no worries. Grab another Qtip and dip it in some polish remover to get anything that was left behind

Step # 9

If your colors are kinda drab and you just NEED more pigment go ahead and apply a another LIGHT round of polish onto the SAME sponge and go over the nails in the same pattern. But as always, wait for the first layer to dry!!

Step # 10 Final

The easiest step… Have fun with it! Try verticals lines or even sideways? maybe some really fun colors! Let me know what you guys come up with and ENJOY!

gradient nails

I hope you liked this basic gradient diy. Don’t forget to checkout sunset eye shadow tutorial and home decoration. You can do much more by using similar colors and dots.


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