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Sunset Eyeshadow Tutorial, Tips & Tricks

This sunset eyeshadow tutorial was inspired by the sunsets we’ve had lately. It’s not too dramatic, perfect for a spiced up weekday look!

Things you’ll need to do Sunset Eye shadow

  1. Eye Brow Brush
  2. Eye Lash Curler (Shu Umara)
  3. Blending Brush
  4. Eyeshadow Brush
  5. Mac
  6. Angled Eyeliner Brush
    Required items for sunset eyeshadow


  1. Shangri-La Eye Palette (Sleek)
  2. Colors Used: Aretha Orange, Vandellas and Cameo Cream
  3. Mac Gel Liner
  4. Bad Gal Lash Mascara ( Benefit)

Using your eye shadow brush and Aretha Orange, color the crease of your eye into the lid as well as the bottom lash line

sunset eye shadow
Next using Vandellas (oxblood) take your blending brush using circular motions and color the crease *stop blending the crease of eye at about the center of your lid

Use the Mac to blend Vandellas into the lower lash line starting from the outer corner in through to the center only.

Using your flat eyeshadow brush take Cameo Cream and sweep the inner corner of your lid as well as the brow bone.

Sunset Eyeshadow Tutorial, Tips & Tricks
Using the gel liner and the angled brush line the top lash line, a wing is optional here.

Next, curl lashes and brush the lashes with mascara starting from the bottom extending toward the tips

sweeping the mascara up and outward while (zig-zagging) the brush Right-Left or Left-Right will also increase the volume of lashes.

I usually like to wait for lashes to dry then curl them one last time… totally optional!

dry then curl lashes
This look was inspired by the few sunsets we’ve seen this season so far here in the NW.


I hope you like out sunset eye shadow tutorial. Looking good is as important as decoration you home. Remember these makeup tips are very basic. If you add more colors to it then it will more beautiful. Remember practice makes a men perfect, No one can be master or anything in one day. Thanks for being here. If you like our tips then don’t forget to share it with you friends.


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