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DIYs Bedroom Drawers Project

This project is all about DIYs Bedroom Drawers, dividers, cabinet’s complete transformation. In this project I will show you amazing hacks and tips that will completely change you bedroom drawers and it will give your room a brand new look. I am gonna show you DIY Project to spice up your room.

You can use these tips to change the look of nightstand, desk, dividers, closet, desk or any other drawer

DIYs Bedroom Drawers Project Complete Transformation.

For the DIY Bedroom Drawers i decided to paint plain white furniture. Since we will be using paint it is very important that you protect the working area. By using sheets and boxes.

DIYs Drawers Project Complete - Protect the floor
Protect the floor

Things You Will Need For DIYs Bedroom Drawers

You will need the following items for your first project

  1. Paint Brush
  2. Sponge
  3. Masking Tape
  4. Primer Paint

Things You will need for your First Easy DIY Drawers

I am gonna paint drawers. 2 in pink and 1 in aqua blue. I will also put white small dots which will look adorable.
So lets start with the first drawer.

We are just going to paint the front so to keep that neat edge we need to protect the inside with the masking tape.

Protect Bedroom Drawer With Masking Tape
Protect Inside With Masking Tape

Step# 1

Make sure your furniture is clean and dry and you are set to start painting.

Step# 2

First we have to apply primer which assures the things firmly sticks to the furniture and will last many years.

let the primer dry
After applying primer leave it to dry completely.

Step# 3

Finally here comes the fun part. We will start with the pink paint.

Stir the paint

Give the paint a stir

Step# 4

Now paint the front of the door first

Step# 5

Paint the sides and edges too.

I love how you can totally transform your drawers in such a low price.

If you are done with the Pink Color leave it to dry and move on to the next drawer and apply the same steps. Apply one even coat and let it dry for the whole day then apply the second coat on the next day.
Here are all the painted drawers.

DIYs Bedroom Drawers Project Complete Transformation - dividers,cabinet
All Drawers Are Done

Leave them dry completely before you start making the dots.

Step# 6

Here are markings of where each dot should be. I gave three inches gap between each dot and 1.5 inches gab between each row.

Step# 7

To make a perfect dot, i am using big circle puncher. Make a circle hole in a piece of masking tape to get neat dots stencil.

Make A Perfect Dot
Make A Perfect Dot Stencil

Stick dot Stencil (that you just made) on the drawer and paint the inside of the dot with the sponge applicator dipped in white paint.

Fill the dot
Fill the dot With White Paint

Now remove the masking tape in place it on the next marking and repeat the same step. Make the dots on each drawer.

My all drawers are done and look how beautiful they are.

I hope this DIYs Bedroom Drawers Project was Helpful. Don’t forget to share it with your friends. You can also use these steps to color you dividers and cabinets.

For the bedding i chose white sheet with pink saying “love is in the air”. I also got the textured blanked for when it gets a bit chilly. And i love to decorate my bed with pillows, a lot of pillows. Since they can get quite pricey i made these gorgeous Smile pillow and Chevron pillow myself. Lets learn how to make the DIY Smile Pillow first.


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