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Funfetti Cupcake Candles With Sprinkles

I was ready a friend’s blog and people were commenting that “DIY Funfetti Candles does not work” for them so i came up with another way that it will definitely gonna work for everyone. This hack is tested by many ready and is working fine.

I love making this adorableĀ Funfetti cupcake candles so much because its sprinkle make it so much fun.

How To Make Diy Funfetti Cupcake Candles With Sprinkles

Materials used In this projects:

  1. Jar
  2. Corn syrup
  3. Brush
  4. Sprinkles
  5. Candle wig
  6. Wax
  7. Glue

First thing you are going to need is a glass jar and i am using jar because it is easy to find at home.

Step # 1

Mixed some corn syrup with water.

corn syrup in cup

Step # 2

Use a brush to coat the inside of the jar with it. This is what our sprinkles are gonna stick to

apply corn syrup in jar

Step # 3

You are going to need some sprinkles.This is definitely the best part. Pour some sprinkles into the jar and begin turning the jar around so the sprinkles gets attached to all sides.

Pour and rotate Funfetti Sprinkles into the jar

Step # 4

Take your candle wig and apply some glue to the bottom and stick it to the bottom of the jar. Make sure it is in the middle.

attach candle wig

Step # 5

Now go ahead take you wax and add some scent to it if you want.

add scent into candle wax

Step # 6

Melt you wax, but be careful because wax gets so much hot. I love how much you can do with home made candle. Previously i made some Diy Colorful Candles With Crayons, you might wanna check it out.

melt the candle wax

Step # 7

Once the wax is melted,let the melted wax cool a little bit then you can just carefully pour it into your jar. Pour it nice and slowly so sprinkles wouldn’t detach from the sides.

pour melted wax into the sprinkle jar

Step # 8

Once your candle is dry then cut the extra wig.

cut the extra wig

You can use thisĀ Funfetti sprinkle candles on Christmas, new year or any other occasion. This is the cutest candle i have ever seen. Comment below and let us know how you feel.




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