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How To DIY Decorate Cactus Plant With Colorful Soil Pot For Room

Today i will teach you about how to DIY decorate cactus plant with Colorful Soil pot for room at home. I love plants but lets be honest all my plants die so i figured cactus is a low maintenance plant. It gives life to your room but it doesn’t require much time. That’s perfect for me..

Decorate Cactus Plant With Colorful Soil

For this lovely colored sand cactus you will need.

  1. Some sand i prefer a blue and white.
  2. A cactus and a big glass.
  3. Food coloring.
  4. Toothpicks.
  5. A few more glass pods for the sand.
  6. Spoon or something to mix the sand with.

Required Material For Sand Cactus

Step# 1

Distribute the soil between the glasses. I am using four glasses as i have four food colors.

Distribute The Sand

Time for the fun part coloring the sand.

Step# 2

Take a small amount of water and mix in a bit of color.

Colors that i used are

    • Blue
    • Pink
    • Green
    • Yellow


Step# 3

Pour the colored water in the sand and mix well to distribute the color evenly.If you put the food color directly into the sand it will not incorporate evenly. Its much better to mix it water first.
Now we have to let the sand try completely and then its time to make pretty sandy house for our cactus.

Mix Colors With Sand
Mix Colors With Sand

Step# 3

Starting with green colored soil. I put my soil in little plastic bags just so it will be easier to pour.


After pouring the first colored sand place the cactus in the glass and continue with the next color, mine is pink.

add Pink soil in the glass.gif

Pour the rest of the colors one by one. Don’t forget to adjust the plant. If you think that the plant is more into the sand then adjust it as u desire.

Cactus plant decoration Project.gif

Now you will be able to see how beautiful sand waves are getting. I am absolutely in love with this decor idea. It looks stunning and i had so much fun making it. But careful with cactus these guys can me really mean if you touch them.

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