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Make A DIY Smile Bed Pillow Yourself

This project is all about How To Make a DIY Smile Bed Pillow Yourself. I love to decorate my bed with pillows, a lot or pillows. Since they can get actually quite pricey  so i decided to make one myself. You can make it too by following the instructions.

Things Needed To Make A DIY Smile Bed Pillow

To make it you will need

  1. An empty pillow case which you can get very cheap.
  2. Scissor
  3. Fabric glue
  4. Yarn

Things Needed To Make A DIY Smile Bed Pillow

Step# 1

Take you colorful yarn and write anything you like. I decided to write the word smile on my pillow because know what they say “just smile and the world will smile with you”.


Step# 2

Once you are happy with how the word looks like, Just take your fabric glue and stick the yarn in place.

Lift it up and apply a bit of glue and press the yarn down on the pillow case.

In the end. I added a spiral above the letter i to represent a dot.


I decided to keep the pillow simple but you can add more decorations like butterflies stars and you can add more things with yarn too.

Step# 3

Now insert the pillow into the smile pillow case that you just made. Look how pretty it looks.

We are all done with the adorable smile pillow. This DIY smile bed pillow project is literally down in just 2 minutes and it does not get any cuter. You can also make a pillow similar to that for friend and you can write his or her name or anything that’s how you make a beautiful personalized gift. Don’t forget Make A DIY Chevron Zig-Zag Pattern Pillow Covers

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