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Making Colorful Candles With Crayons

DIY Making Colorful Candles With Crayons project is very easy to make at home. I am obsessed with colors and decoration because it brings more life into your room. I have been making diy projects for my home and for my friends. It is very amazing how you can easily make stunning stuff out your old and boring one. This hack is very simple and it will only take 5 minutes to complete. Lets start to make some colorful candles.

Diy Colorful Crayons Candles Project.

You will need the following supplies

  1. Crayons
  2. Glass
  3. Candle wig
  4. White wax

Required SuppliesOnce you are done collection materials now its time to start the the hack.

Step# 1: Select Colors.

Select different colors. I an using 3 different color for the diy crayons candle project. i am using green, pink and blue to match it with my room.

NOTE: Mine crayon does not have the sticker. If you do have the stickers on them, don’t forget to peal off the stickers.

Step# 2: Melt Wax & Crayon.

Put some wax in the pod and add a piece of crayon.


Now you need to melt the wax and crayons. You can put it either microwave (just make sure your are using microwaveable pod) or just melt it above the candle light. I love watching melting the crayons and wax, I feel like a scientist.

Melt Crayon with Caldle Wax

when everything is nice and melted give the color wax a stir.


  • You can melt all colors separately at the same time if you have more then one cup but if you have one cup then melt the first color and follow the next steps and later melt the second and so on. By the time you are done melting your second color, the first one will be cool and ready for the second to be poured.
  • Do Not Pour Too Hot.

Step# 3: Place Something Under The Glass.

Place something under one side of the glass, i am using an eraser but you can use anything to lift up the glass.We lifted up the glass from one side because we want our wax to be in slope.


Step# 4: Make The First Layer.

Holed the candle wig in the middle and pour the melted wax in.


Step# 5: Change The Side.

When the first layer is dry. Place the eraser under the other side of the glass and pour your second color in.

pour second candle Crayon

Step# 6: Last Color.

Lastly remove the eraser and pour the last colored wax for that you need horizontal surface.

last colored wax

Here you have a gorgeous colorful candle. For this DIY Making Colorful Candles With Crayons At Home you can use more then 3 colors. If you are using more then 3 colors, Make sure to have a smaller slope.

Now you candles will give you cozy warm Feeling and a nice popup color to your room even when they are not lighten.

I hope you liked this diy our next project is Flower Garland Made Of Paper Or Tissue.


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