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DIY Wave Painting Project With A Word Written On It

Another great wall art idea is colorful canvas DIY Wave Painting Project with a word on it. You can make this project with three simple steps.

DIY Wave Painting Project With A Word Written

Things we need are

  1. Masking tape
  2. Acrylic paint in different colors
  3. Sponge applicators

Things to make Canvas Painting

First Step: Write Anything

To start off stick your masking tape on the canvas to write any word you like. You can be very creative here. But keep in mind that letters that consist only straight lines are a bit easier to make, like the word LIVE which i went for.

Write a word on the canvas

Second Step: Paint With Different Colors

Once your word is set, you can color the painting in any possible way.
I went for bright neon colors and i decided to make wave shapes all over the painting using my sponge applicator.


First i decided to go for the word LIVE just to reminds me that every moment is a treasure that we have to cherish and enjoy. Sometimes i get so busy planning for the future. I get excited about the thing that are about to happen and i almost forget about the present that we actually have.

Peal away the masking tape to reveal the the word you just written. I love this idea because in the end painting turns out so neat with the pretty letters. While you can slap the color on the canvas any shape you want, Not worrying at all.

Third Step: Remove Masking Tape

There we go. Our canvas is entirely covered with these fluorescent colors. The only thing is left for us to do is remove the masking tape.

Remove Masking Tape From Diy Project

See how cool it looks. This “DIY Wave Painting Project” will not just make your wall look gorgeous but it will also remind you to live life to the fullest.

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