Soundproofing Projects

Learn soundproof diy Projects to make at home. Soundproofing is one of the top most question is asked about. When ever we are in our home, office, school, library or hospital, we always thing about soundproofing the premises. First of all i wanna answer a few questions that might be in your head and you want some answers of.

What is Noise?

Unpleasant sound that irritate or disturb you.

What is Soundproofing?

It is the method of reducing the sound and noise to travel from outside to inside in a specific area. We can almost soundproof anything by using things that absorb the sound wave. In simple words stop the noise traveling from point A to Point B.


Why we want to sound proof?

Basically we want to sound proof something for the following reason

  • Simply because the noise is irritating
  • for privacy purposes
  • or for confidential reasons

Can We Sound Proof By Ourselves?

Yes we can!. We can apply noise absorbent material to the object that is making the noise or the place which we don’t want the sound to come in. Lets assume that you want you boss to remember you in good words and you invited him for dinner. The first thing that you will not want him get irritated from anything. Suddenly your neighbors started to play loud music or your drunken neighbor is yelling across the hall.!! That will make him remember you but not in good words. So soundproofing is necessity now right?

How to soundproof?

We will teach you few methods and hacks that you can do it yourself at home. These thing are very easy to get you might have them at you home, if you don’t have then then you can get them in any store nearby.Basically what these things do is absorb or reflect the noise.

Soundproofing Projects

We took liberty to right some hacks for you. Just follow the instructions and do it yourself.