Soundproof Your Room For Free From Outside Noise

From this easy diy you will learn learn how to soundproof your room for free from outside noise. Noise can be really irritating specially when you are recording or want to take a quite evening to clear you thoughts. Learn what is soundproofing. By following these steps you can easily convert your noisy room to a quiet one.

How To Soundproof Your Room For Free.

From outside noise you can keep away your room, library, study room, garage, pipes and almost everything  check out all the ways to soundproof your home for free. This article is specially for you isolating a room.

First off all survey your room’s wall for any hole or cracks. Specially the areas where you windows, door, and electric wires are. What you are looking for is

  • Nail holes
  • wall cracks
  • screwed holes
  • Corner bead

Stopping noise makers and reducing the amount of sound traveling from one place to another is called Controlling Noise.

suspended-ciling-sound-panels-ArmstrongNoise Absorbent Materials For Room

There are two type of material hard and soft. What hard material does is reflect the sound while soft material absorb them.

We tend to use the soft material. When our floor is making sounds we use carpets on them to reduce it. We do it every day but me don’t know that it is on of the way of soundproofing.

noise-reducing-curtainsNoise From Windows:

An inexpensive way to absorb sound is by using Sound-blocking curtains. Under $40 you can easily buy then from Amazon. Just by using these curtains will not completely do the job. You still have to do more..

Sound Absorption Of Ceiling.

There is a wide range of acoustic ceiling material that you can use. You can use 2-by-2 or 2-by-4 tiles depending upon your room size. By using these different style and colorful tiles you will have a brand new ceiling look too.

See more about soundproofing doors and ceilings.

Sound Proofing Walls For Recording Studio:

It is very necessary to soundproof if you are building a home recording studio. First thing you wanna do is use the soundproofing acoustic tiles. Don’t worry these tiles will not cost you much. It is between $15 to $40 for a pack of twelve 12-by-12 size tiles. These tiles are used is those placed from where the sound is coming and the place where it travels to.


Doors the the another big area which you wanna do something about because 90% of the noise come thorough the door because of the hollowness and the poor material used in it. Learn more about soundproofing a door by yourself.

Stop The Noise Makers.

Around 50% of the noise do not travel from outside. It originates from inside the house. sending your kinds to play at the your moms does not mean “cutting down on noisemakers” it will help though. It means using those home appliances which are troubling you. If they are making too much noise then its time to buy new one. If you can afford a new one then you can service and tighten the screws yourself.

TIP: Place appliances far from room as much as possible.

Fix The Floor. Floor squeaks does not bother as much at day but they can very annoying at time or when the home is quite. If you floor is squeaking then you must checkout Diy Flore and stairs Squeak.

I hope this article was helpful. Comment us your soundproofing ideas and let us know about them.








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