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How To Make A DIY Chevron Zig-Zag Pattern Pillow Covers

This hack is all about making Diy chevron pillow covers. You can make them and decorate with the colors you like and matches with you room decoration. Chevron is the Zig-Zag pattern on the cushion cover. Lets learn to make them.

How To Make A DIY Chevron Zig-Zag Pattern Pillow Covers

You will need the following things

  1. A white pillow case
  2. Masking tape
  3. A pod for color
  4. Sponge replicator / paint brush
  5. Scissor
  6. Fabric paint
DIY Chevron Zig-Zag Pattern Pillow Covers
Things To Make The Zig Zag Cushion Cover

Step# 1

If you want to protect the edges of the cover, stick the masking tape pieces along all the four sides

Protect The Edges By Using Masking Tape
Protect The Edges By Using Masking Tape

Step# 2

Now make the first chevron row by sticking the masking tape in chevron pattern.

Add another chevron pattern above the first one and another above that one.

Sticking The Masking Tape In ZIG ZAG Pattern
Sticking The Masking Tape In Zig-Zag Pattern

Step# 3

Peal away the second one and you get a perfect chevron stencil which we will use to color later.

Peal Away The Tape
Peal Away The Row

Step# 4

Do the same steps with the rest of the space left. I love this technique because it gives you the perfect parallel chevron row and neat pillow case at the end.


Step# 5

Our chevron stencil is ready for painting. I am using pink and blue to match my room, you can use any matching color. First i made a blue row by using a sponge applicator. For neat edged i recommend to apply the color from the tape towards the center of the row. That way you prevent the color from leaking under the tape and causing a mess in DIY chevron cushion cover project.

Apply Different Colors
Apply Different Colors

Step# 6

When all the rows are colored, peal away all the masking tape to reveal the perfect pattern.

Remove The Masking Tape
Remove The Masking Tape

You can use more then two colors or even just one for a more classic look. I love making decorations for my room because i can match then with my room perfectly. You can stop here if you want because it looks fantastic but i decided to color the edges too.

Step# 7

Protect the freshly painted chevron pattern by using making tape and apply the color along the sides.Remove the tape and leave you Zig-Zag pillow for a few hours and you are ready to decorate you room with this masterpiece.
I really like how these cushions make my bed not just incredibly cozy but also absolutely gorgeous to look at.

Paint The Borders
Paint The Borders And Remove The Masking Tape

Alright our bed is pretty but there is a lot of room on our desk and dresser so lets make something to DIY Project To decorate cactus.

Checkout the Smile Pillow Diy Project to make at home.

Don’t forget to soundproof you home from the noisy neighbors.


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