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Pom Poms Flowers Balls Decorations With Yarn

DIY Project

I love having freshly cut flowers in my room but unfortunately they can be really expensive and they don’t really last long. No problem, because you can easily make these “DIY Pom Poms Flowers Balls Decorations With Yarn” Which will last forever.

DIY Pom Poms Flowers Balls Decorations With Yarn

The required items to make this project are:

  1. Small tree branches
  2. Yarn
  3. Scissor
  4. Glue
  5. Jar / Vase

required items to make pom poms flowers

First Step: Wrap Wool Around Your Fingers.

Take your Yarn and wrap it around four of your fingers about hundred times. The more you wrap the fuller and prettier your Pom Poms will look. After a while you will end up with a fluffy bowl like this one.

Wrap Yarn 100 Times

Second Step: Tie Woolen Ball.

Take a short piece of Yarn and wrap it around you Yarn ball and tie tightly. Remember make two knots so it wont open again.

Tie Two Knots
Tie Two Knots

Third Step: Cut Through The Loop.

Take you scissor and cut through the loop on both sides.

Cut Through The Loop

Fourth Step: Shape In Pom Poms Flowers.

The ball shape is gone but don’t worry because now we have a cute shape Pom Poms with a bit messy hair style which we need to take care of.Have some fun with sizer and give you Pom Poms flower a nice rounded shape. Here you can decide that you want your flower to big of small. I decided to make big one so i am keeping the fluffy ball nice and large.

Shape In Pom Poms

Fifth Step: Make More Flower Balls.

Make more of these with different colors for a more interesting colorful bucket. I went for green, purple, yellow, blue and red.

Make More Flower Balls

Sixth Step: Attach Stems.

It is time to attach stems to you flowers. You pick them up from a park nearby. Take your tree branches. Apply some glue and place on a Pom Poms.


There you go, we have got a beautiful flower bucket ready to put in a vase. I decided to use a jar as a vase.

DIY Pom Poms Flowers Balls Decorations With Yarn

I think something is missing here.

Last Step: Decorate The Jar.

Pick some beautiful stones and fill up your vase with them. Bringing nature in your room will add so much life in it. You will also love exploring your surroundings searching for pretty things that nature created and that you can use it you DIYs.


Now that’s what i am talking about. The stones makes the flower stand more straight and together. That looks pretty but they really smell like anything but that can be fixed too bu applying some perfume on them.

Our DIY Pom Poms Flowers project is ready to put on the desk, dresser or on your night stand.

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