How To DIY Make A Bedroom Door Soundproof

are you living in an apartment with loud neighbors? All noise come directly into your bedroom? If you are thinking that Is there any easy and cheaper way to reduce the noise and soundproof my door my room myself with household items? The answer to your question is YES there are many ways of soundproofing your bedroom door (probably Hollow door). When we are unable to stop the source of the sound then we need to block in coming inside. Not everyone can replace the door but we can apply some methods to reach the goad. in this DIY i am going to show few methods that are cheaper and you can apply them to your hollow doors too.


#1 Use Rugs

The first thing we recommend is to use the material that absorb the sound. Remember that hard material reflects the sound while soft material absorb the sound. Usually we don’t used anything on our wooden floor. Try to use carpets or cheaper rugs. You can use these cheap rugs for the living room, dining room or for the kitchen. Before entering to your room these rugs will help absorb the sound.

#2 Sound Absorbing Foam or Deadning Fiber

The second thing you can use is Sound Absorbing foam. Instead of foam you can also use 3/4 inch medium density sound deadning fiber to the size of your door. This fiber can make a big improvement. Don’t worry about the installation, its so easy that you can install it by yourself. All you need is 4 wood screws to attach the foam or fiber sheet to your bedroom door.If you are using the foam on your door then don’t forget to use the washers with the screws. To stay the washers on the top of the piece of foam, washers are needed.

#3 Removable Door Gaskets

The third thing you can do is to install the removable door gaskets. You can use this in any part of the where you think sound can enter to you room. These door gaskets are installed on the door frame. When you are moving out of the apartment you can easily uninstall them by yourself.

#4 Drapes

The third thing you do is to install the acoustic drapers on the right and left side you door. When you are taking tap nap and trying to sleep you can slide the drape to reduce the sound.


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